Durability & Toughness

45 MPH Crash
Harley 42'x10' Sport YachtKevlar/E-glass/LinearFoam/Epoxy Construction
The photos below show a Harley 27' boat that during the night hit a channel marker head on while going 50 mph! This vessel came to an instantaneous stop as if it had hit a brick wall. While all on board were knocked unconscious and each sustained bruises and bloody injuries, not one had any serious injuries. When they regained consciousness, the owner drove the boat home under its own power.
This 42 Harley vessel while traveling 45
The next day the insurance company brought a barge and crane to lift and load the vessel. However, when workers raised the boat in the air, they carefully inspected the bottom and determined it was not broken, but only scratched and scuffed. They then rendered the boat safe to drive home under its own power! It drove a signficant distance safely.
Most fiberglass (and aluminum) boats that crash at high speeds into rocks are generally totaled. And in a crash like this it would be completely unheard of for a fiberglass or aluminum hull to have only minimal damage.
Highspeed Highway CrashTrailer Completely Destroyed; Harley Boat
Suffers Little Damage
The above Harley 42' vessel came off of its trailer in a high speed traffic accident on the highway. The boat literally destroyed the trailer, but the boat itself had only cosmetic damage. A trooper at the scene of the accident estimated $80,000 in damages to the boat. The actual damage to the boat was only $1,400 due to our Kevlar and Airex foam and high strength resin construction. This construction is not only stronger, but also much lighter, typically 40% lighter as a finished vessel, than its comparable fiberglass counterpart.

Had a version of this vessel been constructed of conventional fiberglass or aluminum, the boat would have been greatly damaged or totaled.
We received a beautiful letter from the owner stating that the strength of our composite process (a combination of Kevlar, Airex Foam, & advanced epoxy) literally saved his life and those of his friends. He also stated he has seen fiberglass boats that, even going at slower speeds, have hit those same channel markers and ended up with the engines wrapped around the marker, the boat shattered, and its owners and passengers dead in the water.
mph, was driven up on the rocks at night off the coast of Vero Beach. The boat came to almost an instantaneous stop in less than one second causing its keel to be lifted six feet out of the water.