Harley 58x14 Express Sportyacht
The Harley 58x14 Express Sportyacht is a 70 mph, all-purpose sportyyacht manufactured with Harley’s advanced Kevlar, Airex and Epoxy,makes. She is the fastest, strongest, softest riding and most fuel efficient 58’ Sportyacht in boating history.

A pair of Caterpillar C-18s with 1150 hp each will push her over 70 mph! And of course she is available with smaller engines. With a pair of 1000 hp diesels she will hit 65 mph. For the true max speed enthusiast and aficionado, the Harley 58 will reach an astounding 85 mph with triple C18s.

This remarkable vessel can be configured for cruising, fishing, or a combination of both. She can also be built as a 55x14, with a slightly smaller rear cockpit but the same cabin --- and all at half the cost of many fast Eurostyle Sportyachts, yet much faster and far more fuel efficient than these competitors.

The Harley 58x14 Express Sportyacht is the lightest and strongest Sportyacht of its size in the world. The lighter weight provides a host of wonderful advantages, among them considerably faster top speed, much faster cruise speeds, far greater fuel economy and efficiency, more range, shallower draft, and a dryer and softer ride.

The remarkable speed and efficiency of the Harley 58x14 comes from a combination of unique features:

• The lighter and stronger Kevlar/Airex/Epoxy Vacuum Molded construction

• The stepped bottom, with tow testing done to optimize the step design for a boat of this speed, size, and weight

• The lighter weight, low profile, sleek vessel requires smaller diesels than other boats of its length and beam

• Surface drives, fully flush under the hull, fully hidden and covered by a recess in the transom and swim platform.

This combination, only found in the Harley Sportyachts, combine to make performance and efficiency never available before in a 58’x14’ or comparable sized Sportyacht or Sportsfisherman.

The cabin is large and generous. It has the feel of an even larger vessel. The huge salon is both impressive and beautiful and extremely functional. This vessel has two private staterooms with standup space in both, not just the master like many other sportyachts, and the salon makes into a third stateroom, thus comfortably sleeping six.

The windshield can be curved as shown in the pictures, or with squared corners, offering viewing while standing or seated. No wood is used in any of the structure of this boat, none in the Hull, the transom, the floors, top deck, stringers or bulkheads, being wood free gives maximum life and reliability.

The very large cockpit in the Cruiser configuration provides seating for 18. The cockpit can be covered by Convertible Top, Hardtop, or Tower. The Hardtop version can have a powered sunroof.

Attached is a rendering of a military hardtop version of the 58x14. This rendering gives a preview of one version of the hardtop version of the 58, a beautiful sportyacht as a hardtop. And of course the helm and enclosed cockpit area can be airconditioned and climate controlled.

We also offer such unique features as helm airconditioning with highpowered blowers on the Express Sportyacht version of the 58, stay cool and comfortable at the helm.

The 58x14 can be stretched, up to 63x14, or even 70x14. One of these gorgeous boats in the 55x14 model is currently under construction at the Harley factory, and is about 50 percent complete, making it available for purchase and faster delivery.

Luxury, incredible performance, untouched efficiency, and style combines to make the Harley 58 Express Sportyacht definitely the fastest and by far the most fuel efficient among similar sized performance yachts. And its versatility makes it the most enjoyable and exciting yacht of its size ever built.

(Attach several more pics: brown carpet pics, rear view running 58 pic, military version hardtop. This is not part of the text to be used)